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The development and release of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development in 2001 paved the way for agile software development to become one of the most popular development methods for software today. It’s called “agile” for a reason – it revolves around keeping things simple and fast Wholesale NFL Jerseys , while promoting solid teamwork and the ability to adapt to changes and modifications along the way. When you have something as amazing, widespread, and effective as the agile method, it goes without saying that there will be misconceptions that will arise from faulty explanations or mistaken interpretations of the method.

There are several misconceptions about agile software development Wholesale Throwback Jerseys , but four misconceptions stand out among all the rest.

“Agile methods do not involve any planning at all!”
In more traditional methods of software development, meticulous planning is done before the project even begins. This phase can last anywhere from a whole week to months, depending on the scale of the project. While it IS true that agile methods do not employ such lengthy planning periods, planning is present all-throughout the agile software development process. For every stage in the development process Wholesale Custom Jerseys , the agile team meets to discuss what was accomplished within that period of time, and if any issues arise, they can tweak their process or software accordingly. This does NOT mean that they can change things just because they suddenly felt like it – it simply means that they adapt to problems and make changes when deemed necessary.

“Agile teams don’t document their work!”
Traditional software developers make it a point to write detailed documentations of their progress, which they constantly update and revise during the development process. Most people believe that agile software development teams don’t bother creating ANY documentation simply because they focus on speed Wholesale Authentic Jerseys , simplicity, and face-to-face interaction, but again, that is untrue. While they rely on personal interactions and their short meetings to keep track of everyone’s progress Wholesale Jerseys Cheap , they make it a point to keep some basic documentation to make sure everyone is on the same page. While this may seem like a questionable practice for the more traditional programmers, this simplistic documentation allows them to remain focused on doing the work instead having to waste additional hours just revising the documentation.

“Agile teams don’t answer to authority!”
The agile software development process is known for involving small teams that are basically self-organized and are not under the direct control of a manager. While it IS true that there is no all-powerful manager that oversees all these teams as a whole and that there are no real hierarchies within the agile teams, there are still team leaders that keep everything organized and are in charge of communicating with each other to successfully “link” their teams together as they go through the different development processes.

“Implementing agile software development makes team members more prone to stress!”
The entire agile development process may seem tedious since agile involves several phases and a lot of revisions and changes, so it’s not surprising that people think that this method increases the amount of stress that the team members have to handle each day. According to various discussions and debates about agile development Wholesale Jerseys From China , however, programmers who actually use this method sleep more soundly and have more fun outside of work! This is because the agile software development process actually leaves very little room for error and breaks down major problems into bite-size bits. This way, only minor changes need to be made on a regular basis instead of dealing with a whopper of a problem that needs to be dealt with in one business day.

Agile software development is just one of the most effective software development methods available out there. Do your research and find out which development process suits your project best!

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