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Sometimes it is the small changes that are made in a room that make a big difference. A fresh coat of new paint wholesale nike air max 90 , a slipcover on a sofa, or a repainted kitchen appliance can make a big impact for a low cost. If you want to remodel your kitchen and give it a stunning makeover, but simply cannot afford the cost of new cabinetry and countertops, consider painting your refrigerator for a budget project. Not only can this brighten and lighten your kitchen's decor, it can also make that dated avocado green refrigerator much more attractive.

Getting Started
There are some things that you have to take into consideration before you decide to paint your refrigerator, however. The first thing to think about is the age and condition of your refrigerator. If it came with the house when it was originally built in the 70s wholesale air max 90 shoes , you may want to consider saving your money and replacing it instead of painting it. Older refrigerators use a lot of energy and can be draining on your electric bill. It may be worth putting the paint money toward a new appliance, as opposed to spending money to paint the old one.

Refrigerator Prep
Once you have decided that you are definitely moving ahead with the painting process, you will need to get your refrigerator ready. Start by taping up all of the metal on the hinges and removing the seals and the doors. It is also a very good idea to move the refrigerator outdoors, as well. Not only will you have more room, but the paint dust will not get all over everything in your house. It will also be a lot more pleasant to breathe in your home without all of the paint fumes floating around for days after you paint.

Painting the Refrigerator
The refrigerator has been moved outside, the metal has been covered wholesale air max 90 , the seals have been stripped off, and now you are ready to paint. You have a few different options for painting. The first is to contact an auto body shop and see if they will paint it for you. The paint they use will not only give you a high gloss finish, but it will also be extremely durable and last for the life of your refrigerator. If you do not want to deal with spray paint, this is, by far, the best option. However wholesale air max 90 boxing day , if you like the satisfaction that painting it yourself brings, look for industrial strength appliance epoxy spray paint. This highly durable spray paint can give you the look that you want, but you will need about three to four cans for complete coverage. Take your time and do it right, letting the coats of paint dry in between, or you will end up with a refrigerator that has streaks and splatters.

Painting your refrigerator can be an easy and inexpensive way to give your kitchen a quick pick-me-up, but you need to be prepared. By following the tips above wholesale air max 90 black friday , your refrigerator will be new in no time. Just do not forget to wear safety goggles and a painting mask while painting. An optical lens is a key component in a machine vision system. Its basic function is to transform an optical signal into an ordered electrical signal. Choosing the right optical lens is also an important part of the design of the machine vision system. The optical lens not only directly determines the image resolution and image quality, but also directly relates to the operating mode of the whole system.
Optical lens performance advantages
A good optical lens should have high precision, high definition, good color reproduction, low noise, etc. wholesale air max 90 2018 , and can be programmed to control the exposure time, brightness, gain and other parameters through the computer, and the image window is steplessly scaled with an external trigger input. Features such as flash control output. Microvision, a well-known optical lens manufacturer and seller in China, combines years of R&D and production experience with customer needs wholesale air max 90 trainers , and carefully selects the precautions and necessary parameters when selecting optical lenses, so that general customers can make reasonable choices.
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