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By acdbke
HTC now offers three phones in the U11 series: the original 5.5-inch HTC U11 we liked Patrick Roy Canada Jersey , the affordable 5.2-inch HTC U11 Life and the top-end 6-inch HTC U11 +. Does this latest flagship model provide enough to justify the high price tag? The HTC U11 + has the reflection of its predecessor on the back, which has a hypnotic effect, sometimes slate gray and black in others. It's the perfect back plate for narcissists since it provides great reflection, but I found it rather slippery and also a very efficient fingerprint magnet.

The power and volume buttons stay in the same place as the HTC U11 on the right side. However, the home button fingerprint scanner below the screen is set in favor of a circle sensor on the back. For larger handheld devices Patrick Marleau Canada Jersey , a rear fingerprint sensor is preferable because it greatly simplifies one-hand operation. This is a tall, slim handset with a screen with an aspect ratio of 18: 9, which is different from the 16: 9 HTC U11, which are 75.9 mm wide and 153.9 mm high and 7.9 mm thick. In contrast, the HTC U11 + is slimmer (74.9 mm) Patrice Bergeron Canada Jersey , larger (158.5 mm) and thicker (8.5 mm). It's also heavier - 188 g compared to 160 g for the U11.

The black front panel with its minimal side and small upper and lower bezels looks rather boring, and the HTC logo on the back of the phone gives it little distinctive. It is worth noting that the IP rating of the HTC U11 has increased from IP67 to U68 + from IP68. This means that the dust resistance remains unchanged while the waterproofness improves.

The 6-inch display has a resolution of 1,440 x 2,880 pixels, resulting in an impressive 537 pixels per inch (ppi). I have been using a 18: 9 handset as the main phone for several months and appreciate this higher aspect ratio. However P.K Subban Canada Jersey , the super LCD display is not as vibrant as I would like, and although you can toggle the color profile between sRGB and DCI-P3 and use a slider to switch between warmer and colder color temperatures, I felt this video (in particular) was less satisfactory than on AMOLED displays.

The HTC U11 + can be powered by the high-quality Octa-Core Snapdragon 835 chipset from Qualcomm. There are 6GB of RAM and 128GB of memory, of which 118GB was free on my review sample. The phone supports two SIM cards, and the second SIM slot can be sacrificed for a higher capacity micro SD card. Android 8.0 (Oreo) is superimposed by HTC Sense Mike Smith Canada Jersey , which lets you customize the default Android interface and provide various software enhancements. Most notable of these is the "squeezable" feature of Edge Sense.

This is not new for HTC, but has been updated for the U11 +. Pressing on the edges of the phone will open app shortcuts or call Edge Launcher, a semicircular dial pad that you can scroll with your thumb to access apps and shortcuts. This can be quite complex with two concentric "wheels" of abbreviations. If you enable advanced mode, you can configure both short-squeeze and squeeze-and-hold shortcuts.

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How long should your chapters be?

I can't resist... I have to say it. "How long is piece of string?"

Of course, that smart-aleck answer is of no use to you whatsoever if you're sitting there Maurice Richard Canada Jersey , frozen over the keyboard, wondering where you should end Chapter One and start typing 'Chapter Two'.

Fact: Some books have chapters that are only a page or two long. These are not necessarily short storybooks for children, either. I just plucked "Cat And Mouse", a thriller by James Patterson, from my bookshelves. This 342-page novel has 130 chapters. Most chapters vary from just over one page to 3 pages in length - on average Matt Duchene Canada Jersey , 2 pages per chapter. There's a lot of white space at the end of most chapters, too! Patterson's chapters are actually very short scenes (or sequels to scenes).

Fact: The length of your chapters may depend on whether you're following genre guidelines. For example, check out several category romances by Harlequin, and you'll find that they tend to have around the same number of chapters. Educational publishers often are very prescriptive about chapter length (e.g. "These books will be approximately 3,500 words long Martin St. Louis Canada Jersey , divided into chapters of 350-400 words").

Fact: Some books don't seem to have any chapters. They are divided into "Part One", "Part Two", "Part Three" etc and each "Part" consists of a series of scenes. You may get 100 pages and 20 scenes, with a space between each scene, but no chapters at all. Some readers find this very annoying - they like to stop reading at the end of a chapter! (Consider your own reading habits. How often do you slip a bookmark in at the end of a chapter Mark Messier Canada Jersey , rather than at the end of a scene?)

Think "Scene", Not "Chapter"

Unless you are working to a set of guidelines issued by the publisher, stop fretting about chapter length and start thinking in terms of scenes. You plan each scene to move the story forward (like scenes in a movie). You don't finish a scene until you have achieved what you set out to do.

A chapter, however, can begin and end anywhere you like. You can break a chapter in the middle of a conversation. This is one way to get your reader turning the page instead of stopping for the night - they *have* to find out how things played out!

An example:

"I have no idea who he was Mario Lemieux Canada Jersey ," Kane insisted. "He just came up to me in the car park and started asking questions. Thought I was someone else."

Jasmine stared at his open, concerned face; at the complete puzzlement in his eyes. "You'd never seen him before? Not ever?"


Jasmine swallowed hard. He was one of the best liars she'd ever encountered. Even now that she knew his real background, she couldn't shake the feeling that somehow she must have got it wrong. Not Kane...

"Jas?" Kane's eyes had narrowed slightly. "What is all this?" She glanced down at his hand on her arm, num. Cheap NHL Hoodies Cheap Soccer Jerseys China Cheap NHL Jerseys China Cheap NBA Jerseys China Cheap MLB Hoodies China Cheap Soccer Hats China Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap NFL Hats China Wholesale Hoodies Wholesale Hoodies
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